About us

One team. One philosophy.

Who are we?

ETSEIB Motorsport is a team of students, formed by undergraduate engineers at the last grades of their engineering studies. The team has coordinators from the faculty that give support and lead the project.

Our goal

The aim is designing and making a single seat vehicle suitable for the Formula Student Competition. In order to do that, team members the team structures itself into different sections. The team is usually divided into Powertrain, Body, Aerodynamics, Dynamics, Electronics, Control and Management. The first part of the project consists on designing the car. During this period, the search of business relations with new enterprises takes place too.

Following a Masterplan that is written at the beginning of the season. Once the design is completed, the first components are ordered. The next phase is about testing the components in order to maximize their performance, after that they are all put together until the desired result is acquired.
Testing the car before the competition is important to understand the car’s behavior and solve possible problems.
In summer, the car competes in the chosen Formula Student competitions, where the whole year effort is rewarded.
This project is a great experience for the students who take part in it, because it offers the experience of participating on a real engineering competition during undergraduate years. Thereby team members acquire professional field skills (e.g. contacting suppliers, designing real components, working in a well-structured team).