We are back after the competitions!

We are back after the competitions!


After a great year creating the CAT11e and testing it in Czech Republic, Germany and finally Spain, we are already working on the new Etseib Motorsport project, the CAT11e.

In general terms, the competitions have gone well but we always try to achieve better results and create a more competitive car, which we are trying to do this year from the first day. Here is a summary of the results obtained this summer:

FS CZECH                            FS GERMANY                 FS SPAIN

STATIC EVENTS:                                                 STATIC EVENTS:                                         STATIC EVENTS:

Business Plan- 4                                                Business Plan- 5                                         Business Plan- 2

Engineering Design- 3                                      Engineering Design- 7                               Engineering Design- 8

Cost & Manufacturing- 1                                  Cost & Manufacturing- 26                        Cost & Manufacturing- 9

DYNAMIC EVENTS:                                            DYNAMIC EVENTS:                                    DYNAMIC EVENTS:

Acceleration- 4                                                   Acceleration- 10                                          Acceleration- 15

Skid Pad- 1                                                          Skid Pad- 6                                                   Skid Pad- 14

Autocross- 3                                                       Autocross- 16                                               Autocross- 19

Endurance and efficiency cancelled               Endurance and efficiency DNF                 Endurance and efficiency DNF

GENERAL:                                                           GENERAL:                                                      GENERAL:

3                                                                           16                                                                    18


So, we will put all our means to inform you of everything that happens during the design and manufacture of the CAT12e and we will follow up on everything, through our usual channels:

En FACEBOOK, you can follow the information of everything that occurs in the team.
En INSTAGRAM, you can find the best photographies of the most exciting moments of the year.
En TWITTER, the news that will allow you to be informed of what is happening.


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